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Job Placement Assistance

is a critical service offered to job seekers to help them find suitable employment opportunities. Here are some common services the Columbia-Greene Workforce NY can assist with for placement assistance:

Job Matching Services:

These services involve matching a job seeker’s skills, qualifications, and preferences with available job openings. Job placement specialists use databases and software to identify suitable job matches.

Resume Building and Review:

Assistance with creating or improving a resume to highlight a job seeker’s qualifications and experience effectively. This includes tailoring resumes for specific job applications.

Cover Letter Writing:

Guidance and support in crafting compelling cover letters that accompany job applications. Cover letters help job seekers introduce themselves and express their interest in a particular position.

Interview Coaching:

Preparation for job interviews, including mock interviews, feedback, and guidance on how to answer common interview questions effectively. This includes advice on body language and communication skills.

Networking Support:

Encouragement and guidance on building and leveraging professional networks. Job placement services may offer workshops or events to help job seekers connect with potential employers.

Job Search Strategies:

Training on effective job search techniques, including online job boards, networking events, and leveraging social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Access to Job Fairs:

Job fairs provide opportunities for job seekers to meet with multiple employers in one location. Job placement services may organize or promote these events.

Industry-Specific Job Leads:

Specialized job placement assistance tailored to specific industries. For example, IT job placement services may provide tech-specific job leads and resources.

Follow-Up and Post-Placement Support:

Continuing support after a job offer is accepted, which may include assistance with employment paperwork, orientation to the new workplace, and guidance during the transition period.

Customized Job Search Plans:

Developing personalized job search plans based on the job seeker’s skills, goals, and desired industries. This includes setting milestones and tracking progress.

Access to Online Job Portals:

Providing access to online job portals and databases with a wide range of job listings. Some organizations offer exclusive access to job listings for their clients.

Assistance for Special Populations:

Tailored support for specific groups, such as veterans, individuals with disabilities, or ex-offenders, to address unique challenges they may face in the job market.

Job Placement Subsidies:

In some cases, job placement services may offer financial incentives or subsidies to employers who hire their clients, making it more attractive for employers to consider job seekers from these programs.

Job Retention Services:

Services that help job seekers maintain employment once they secure a job, such as conflict resolution, time management, and career advancement strategies.

Skill Enhancement Recommendations:

Identifying areas where a job seeker may need to improve their skills and providing resources or referrals for additional training or education.


These job placement assistance services are often offered by Columbia-Greene Workforce NY to help job seekers navigate the competitive job market successfully.

Online Assessments

Unlock Your Potential: Elevate Your Career with Proven Self-Awareness. Discover how self-awareness can be your key to landing your dream job. Learn to showcase your strengths and leverage your unique qualities effectively.

What Color Is My Parachute

Discover your strengths, explore your career options, and chart a path through the world of work with eParachute.

CareerOneStop Assessments

Taking an assessment can help you think about different career ideas. It can also help you decide which careers might fit you best.


Take this free online assessment to see which personality type you have and the best careers to choose.

Rasmussen Aptitude Test

Get career suggestions that match your skills and interests. Adjust the skill sliders and receive a list of career ideas using data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor.

Career Information

The more information you have about the current job market and trends the better you will be in taking advantage over otheres that are seeking to land the same job. 

Career Zone

CareerZone is an innovative online career exploration and planning system designed especially for today’s high-tech youth in New York State.

NY State Newsletter

Stay up-to-date with the New York State Newsletter provided by the Department of Labor.

Career Outlook Quarterly

Career Outlook articles provide data and information on a variety of topics—including occupations and industries, pay and benefits, and more. 

Income Estimator

This estimator calculates the income required by an individual or family to meet its basic needs for a given family size and geographic location. 

My Next Move | Veterans

You served in the military and now you are seeking new opportunities and you transition back into civilian life. My Next Move is ideal for Vets!


Explore career options by take assessments, find training, plan your job search, and get local help when you need it with

O*Net OnLine

The O*NET Program is the nation’s primary source of occupational information. 

DOL Career Development

Explore, refine, and excel in your job search with our comprehensive support, from resume writing to interview skills. Your dream career awaits.

New York State DOL

Access the support and resources necessary to navigate job searches, explore diverse career paths, and discover an array of available programs.

Social Security Earnings

When you create a free account, you can see all your Social Security benefits and explore all the Social Security Administration has to offer!

Jobs New York

Here’s an extensive list of job boards and websites that cater to job opportunities in New York.

Columbia County Jobs

The official job portal for Columbia County featuring a wide range of available job listings. 

Greene County Jobs

The official job portal for Greene County featuring a wide range of available jobs listings.

NY City Jobs

Specifically focused on job opportunities within New York City with listings from various industries and city agencies.

Indeed New York

A popular national job search engine that allows you to filter job listings by location, including New York.

New York Craigslist - Jobs

Craigslist is a classifieds platform that features a job section for various locations in New York.

TechNYC Jobs

If you’re interested in technology and startups, TechNYC Jobs is a resource for tech-related job openings in New York City.

NYC Creative Interns

For those looking for creative and media-related jobs and internships in New York City, this platform is a valuable resource.

NY City Hospitality Alliance

Focused on the hospitality industry, this job board features positions in restaurants, hotels, and related businesses. 

New York Green Jobs

For environmentally conscious job seekers, this site specializes in green and sustainability-related job opportunities in New York.

New York Real Estate Jobs

Ideal for those interested in the real estate with positions in property management, development, and more.

New York Education Jobs

Focused on education-related careers, this job board lists opportunities in schools, colleges, and educational institutions.

New York Film Jobs

If you’re in the film and entertainment industry, this job board lists film-related positions and opportunities in New York.

Military to Civilian Center

Military Transition Center is a one-stop website for employment, training, and financial help after military service.

NY DOL Apprenticeships

Business Apprenticeship programs offer a wide range of opportunities to learn a specific skill and use it toward a new career.

Explore a career in the New York Courts as a Chief Clerk, Deputy Clerk, Court Analyst, Case Management and other available positions.

NY DOL - Jobs Express

The official Job Portal f the New York State Department of Labor, featuring a wide range of jobs listings across the state.

New York State Jobs

A comprehensive job search website that allows you to search for jobs by location, industry, and company in New York.

New York Times Jobs

The New York Times’ job board features a range of job listings, including positions in the New York metropolitan area.

NY Jobs - Monster

Monster’s dedicated New York job board provides a wide array of job opportunities across the state. Workforce1

NYC’s official workforce development program offers job listings and career resources for New York City residents.

New York Jobs by Glassdoor

Glassdoor’s job search platform allows you to find job opportunities in New York and access company reviews and salary information.

NYC Nonprofit Jobs

Ideal for those interested in the nonprofit sector, this website lists job opportunities at various nonprofits in New York City.

Built In NY City

This site is ideal for those interested in the various  jobs, this website lists job opportunities at various organizations in New York City. - New York

If you’re passionate about the fashion industry, this job board focuses on fashion-related positions in New York City.

New York Legal Jobs

If you’re in the legal profession, this platform offers listings for legal positions and law-related jobs in New York.

NY City Government Jobs

Explore new job opportunities in various city agencies and government organizations in New York City and beyond.

New York Startup Jobs

Focused on the startup ecosystem, this job board features openings at innovative startups in New York City.

Virtual Vocations - Remote

Discover remote opportunities that focus on over 30 professional career tracks in a wide range of niche specific jobs.

New York State Job Bank

This is an online platform and resource provided with its primary purpose is to connect job seekers with employers in the state of New York.

USA Jobs

This is the official job portal of the United States federal government. It serves as a central platform for job seekers interested in federal employment.

Please note that while these job boards are specific to New York, it’s still a good idea to use multiple platforms and tailor your job search to your industry and career goals for the best results.

Resume Advice

Put your best foot forward with a professional resume that highlights your career achievements.

Resume Now

Resume Now’s free-to-use builder makes creating a professional resume easy.


Get in the door with great advise on how to write cover letters and resumes.


Get more interviews and bypass the resume scanners with keywords.

Resume Writing Packet

Download the Resume Writing Information Packet provided by NY DOL


Learn how to create various resumes for different industries.

Visual CV

Create a job-ready resume in minutes to help land that dream job.


OpenOffice is a free word proessing software you can download today!

Resume Builder

New York Employment and Career Guide can help you write a professional resume.

Reading Resources

Put your best foot forward with a professional resume that highlights your career achievements.

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