Youth Services

The links listed below will connect you to a wide range of resources and information.

Find a Job
This link will connect with our job seeker services page with over 15 job search sites that will give you immediate information about current job openings that are available locally.

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Working Papers
If you are under 18 you need working papers before an employer can hire you.

Career Planning
This link will connect with our career planning page and provide you with access to information about many of the issues people need to consider when making a career choice. Below please review the information designed especially for teens.

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Career E-Mentors for Teens

Why Stay in School-The Value of an Education
Education pays off. See how much and for how long with these interesting facts and figures. The more you learn, the more you earn!

Career Zone: Check out the following Tools using Career Zone

  • Guest Tools: Quick Resume , Quick Reference List, Quick Cover Letter , Budget & Job Application Tool
  • Stem for Teens: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Careers
  • Access Yourself: Learn occupations that are related to your interests
  • Create a Portfolio
  • Explore Careers & Colleges: Research a wealth of occupational information, research colleges and search colleges by program major.

Training and Financial Aid
This link will provide you with information on schools (providers) throughout New York State where you can get training in the career area of your choice. It will also connect you with sites where you can research your eligibility for financial aid to help you pay for training.

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Job Corps
This site will provide information about Job Corps Training Centers.

Local In-School and Out-of-School Prgrams
This link will provide you with information about programs that are available in Columbia and Greene Counties to assist youth with making the transition from school to work. All programs are funded by the Columbia-Greene Workforce Development Board.

If you can't find something you are looking for, please contact the Columbia-Greene Career Center for more assistance, 1 (518) 697-6510,TDD/TTY (518) 828-1399 or e-mail us .