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    Financial Aid Information

  • An extensive list of education and training providers (schools) are available for your review at New York State Workforce Training Providers site. You can search by geographical area, occupation, and educational level desired.

  • On the Job Training Program (PDF):  The On the Job Training Program (OJT) provides a business an incentive for hiring an eligible candidate that requires training while learning a new job. The maximum amount of wage reimbursement is $3,000, however if the trainee has the opportunity to earn a recognized credential the reimbursement rate could increase to $4,000. Call the Career Center to discuss how OJT can work for you, 1 (518) 697-6510.

  • Apprenticeship Opportunities Apprenticeship is the process of learning a skilled occupation through both on-the-job training (Practical, paid experience) and learning the related technical knowledge in a classroom.
    There are a number of Financial Aid resources available to assist people in need of training. The Columbia Greene Career Center can provide you with information about WIOA, ACCES,TRA/NAFTA and PELL. For additional grants and scholarships check out the following sites:
    Federal Student Aid
    New York State Higher Education Services Corporation Excelsior Scholarships & Enhanced Tuition Awards
    Career Zone
    Financial Aid Facts

  • Training Information

  • There are two public educational institutions available in the two counties that offer services to adults.

  • Keyboarding/Microsoft Help:
    The Career Center computers all have access to a typing tutor which can help users to learn the keyboard or practice typing for an upcoming keyboarding test. There are also no cost online typing tutors available.

  • Metrix Learning, is an on line system which offers thousands of classes, many in various software programs including Microsoft Office. The program offers many versions of training and includes lessons from beginners to advanced levels. (Click the Online Learning tab on the left, go to the Metrix Learning site and review their catalogue available on the bottom right of their page.)

  • The Career Center may be able to assist with funding Columbia-Greene Community College, Non-Credit Computer classes.

  • Free Software Training -

    Note: Be sure to “Google” or check YouTube for a subject area you are interested in learning more about, below lists a few helpful sites.

    GCF Learn Free This is a comprehensive site with training on Technology Basics (computers/Email/Internet), Living In The Online World: Devices/Digital Skills/Graphics & Photos/Social Media (LinkedIn/Twitter etc)/Using the Cloud (Google/Docs etc), MS Office, Essential Skills: Reading/Math/Everyday Life and Work & Career: Career Planning/Job Search/Money/Workplace Success
    Microsoft Office Products & Windows Free Reference Guides
    Free MS Office Training (2007, 2010 & 2013)
    Microsoft Quick Reference Guides
    Free MS Office, Windows XP, Vista, FLASH, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and SQL
    Code Academy: Learn to Code
    Web design
    Good Typing: Learn to type at this no cost site. This site offers various on line keyboarding lessons in many languages http://www.goodtyping.com/
    Learn 2 Type: Test you speed and register to obtain verifiable certificates. http://www.learn2type.com/TypingTest

  • Need a Word Processing program but can't afford Microsoft products? Click here for a free MS alternative OpenOffice.org
    User tutorial

    ( Please be clear that this is a download program that needs to be installed before it can be used and should not be downloaded if you do not own the computer you are downloading to or if you are not comfortable with loading programs on a computer.)

  • On Line- No Cost Learning, some from major universities covering high school to college level courses.
    MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Open Courseware.
    Open Educational Resources: Teaching and Learning Content K-12, College Courses, and more.
    Academic Earth- Free video courses.
    Khan Academy
    Better Money Habits: Select topics: Improve your Credit Score, Reduce your Credit Card Debt, Pay Student Loans, Savings & Budgeting: Buy a Car or a House, Taxes, Budgeting & Banking Basics
  • If you can't find something you are looking for, please contact the Columbia-Greene Career Center for more assistance, 1 (518) 697-6510,TDD/TTY (518) 828-1399 or e-mail us .