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The Columbia-Greene Workforce Development Board (WDB)

Community members interested in joining the Columbia Greene Workforce Development Board meetings should contact Katy Drake for the agenda, meeting room number and/or meeting link. Thank you.

The WDB is a government appointed, local Board that is responsible for providing leadership, influence, focus and oversight for our local workforce development system. For the Columbia-Greene area, this means integrating an economic and workforce investment system that provides an environment for success for both business and workers as we all deal with the ever-increasing changes with technology, markets and high performance workplaces.

The Workforce Development System is the totality of all the public and private investments and activities undertaken to insure that all individuals are both employable and have jobs while simultaneously ensuring that companies can achieve the skilled workforce they need to be successful in the world marketplace.

The WDB's mission is to:

Develop strategies to continuously improve and strengthen the workforce development system.

Promote innovation and alignment among the employment, training, and education programs in our area to promote economic growth through a job driven workforce investment system.

The majority of Board members represent private businesses in the twin counties. The industries represented on the WDB include manufacturing, tourism, personal and business services, energy and health care.

One of the major responsibilities of the Board is to determine local in-demand occupations and approve local educational organizations as training providers for WIOA eligible customers:

Access Workforce Development Board Membership here.

Access Workforce Development Board Meeting Minutes here.

Access statewide information about the public workforce system here:

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For more information contact the Columbia-Greene Career Center, 1 (518) 697-6510,TDD/TTY (518) 828-1399 or e-mail us .