Workforce Development Board Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Schedule


October,2021  January,2022  April,2022

July,2019  October,2019  January, 2020  May,2020  April,2021

July,2018  July,2018 (Special Meeting)  October,2018  January,2019  April,2019

July,2017  October,2017   April,2018

July, 2016  January,2017  April,2017

July,2015  October,2015  December,2015  January,2016   April,2016

The Columbia-Greene Workforce Investment Board Meeting Minutes

Program Year 2014 :  July,2014  October,2014  April,2015

Program Year 2013 :  October,2013  January,2014  April 2014

Program Year 2012 :  July,2012  October,2012  January,2013  April 2013

Program Year 2011 :  July,2011  October,2011  January,2012   April 2012

Program Year 2010 :  July,2010  October,2010  January,2011   April,2011

Program Year 2009 :  July,2009  October,2009   January 2010  April,2010

Program Year 2008 :  July,2008  October,2008  January, 2009  April,2009

Program Year 2007 :  July,2007  October,2007  January, 2008  April,2008

Program Year 2006 :  July,2006  October,2006  January,2007  April,2007

Program Year 2005 :  October,2005  January,2006  April,2006

Program Year 2004 :  October,2004  January,2005  April,2005  June,2005

Program Year 2003 :   July,2003   August,2003  October,2003  January,2004  April,2004  June, 2004  

Program Year 2002 :  October,2002  January,2003  April,2003  June,2003  

Program Year 2001 :  September,2001  January,2002  March,2002  June,2002

Program Year 2000 :  April,2000  May,2000  June,2000  September,2000  February,2001  June,2001

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