Metrix Learning is an Internet-based, on line learning and certification program available to job seekers through the Columbia Greene Career Center. Over 6,000 learning objectives are available with 4,500 courses, 1,000 skill assessments and 27 certifications. To find a list of available courses and assessments, go to .

Why should I take on line courses or complete assessments ?

  • To be sure you have the skills in your chosen field and demonstrate it to employers on a job interview.
  • To identify a new career goal and develop skills to meet that goal.
  • To train in one of our demand occupations
  • To help market yourself in a job search and stand out in the crowd.

What classes do I take?

  • If you choose to concentrate on one of our demand occupations the courses are listed for you. Click on the demand occupations (PDF) link to see the job titles and required coursework.
  • If you want to be sure you have the recommended skills in your current occupational area, you will chose your current position, evaluate your skills as they relate to that position, Metrix will then recommend courses to complete.
  • Select a new occupation, evaluate your skills and begin to take courses to build qualifications in your new chosen career field.
  • Not sure what you would like to do…, not a problem, the Metrix system can assist you with researching careers. Also, be sure to attend Career Development Workshop II and schedule an appointment with our Career Counselor.

Where can I take the E-Learning classes?

  • As long as you have an Internet connection, the Metrix system is available 24/7. Computers are available for E-Learning at the Career Center during our regular hours. If you would like assistance using the on line learning program call 828-4181 ext. 5510

What do I get to demonstrate my progress?

  • Reports are available that will help you keep track of your courses and progress. Certificates are available to print out upon successful completion of coursework

How do I get started?

  • Call Columbia Greene Workforce New York at 1 (518) 697-6510.


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